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Hey everyone~

I have not been too active on DA lately, partly due to the following reason: although I do have many new photos, I just don't feel like pouring them here. I don't feel like any of them should be here; my landscape photos are not that special to be here, and my self-photos are not that 'DA-proof' quality, so to say. I feel that it would be a really shallow-minded and inappropriate thing to overwhelm my DA or personal facebook account with my self-photos ( and photos regarding my personal arts/histrory/music/fashion/humour interests). Instead I've been thinking of pouring them into a place where those people can take a look who are interested in it.

I regard photography and makeup as forms of art.
I like to entertain my eyes and ears with art. It's a great tool for inspiring and brightening up one's mood, etc.
I started uploading my own self-appearance-photos because I thought someone might find them interesting and because I think photography is fun - NOT because I was looking for attention and compliments from people. I don't think I'm any kind of a big deal regarding my appearance, and I don't even care, I am just who I am. I have always regarded the inner part of a person the primary thing to take care of, the rest comes afterwards.

I too like to 'follow' the artworks (even if they are just plain photos) of people who I think are interesting, in either their outer or inner side, many of them are just everyday people as well, but have something unique that catches my eyes or mind.
Some people say they like my photos and looks, which is why I've been thinking of making a photo blog in the near future. I have many photos that I never uploaded anywhere. I might as well make product reviewing posts.
Thus I could summarize my photos on a place that those people visit who decide to, to avoid ending up like 'pushing' my things into people's face.

But this is all just an idea yet, not fixed. If I create a blog like that I will give forth the link to it here. :)
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Satungar's Profile Picture
~ some information about me for those who are interested ~
• I live in Hungary, Budapest
• I do not smoke, drink or do drugs, never done these things and never will
• I am not a model and I'll never be one
• I will never grow up
• I only listen to metal music, mostly to black/death/thrash/viking/pagan/folk/symphonic/melodic/etc
• I love linguistics and languages
• I adore winter and cold weather and loath summer
• If I can't be myself, I'd just rather die
• I love cute and funny people ^^
• I appreciate the kind words from people, but I hate being called 'sexy', 'hot' or anything pathetic like that.

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LordMaverick Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday!
You should sooo totally do youtube tutorials for your makeup and whatnot if you don't alreadyyyY!!!! Pleaseeee @_@
I've been thinking about that, but I need to get a decent camera first, which won't happen in the near future. :/
Thanks for the watch. :)
aw thats totally understandable, I'm in the same predicament with my hooping. Not a problem, my pleasure! :iconhippieplz:
Good webcam :). Don't you like gingerbread dressed people?
I don't really know what you mean :D
This is famous movie quote :D. Otherwise I think the normal dressing style is the best :)
HansRichardPedersen Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Makeup skills!!!! :clap:
You have some very nice pieces in your gallery.

-mørke hilsner fra kalde norge.
Tusen hjertelig takk! :iconmeowfaceplz:
hilsner fra Ungarn. ;)
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